Maureen Mullarkey

Below are some images from a visit to the home of Maureen Mullarkey with my co-curator, Alli Peller. Maureen is an artist and a writer at First Things. She does painting, drawing and collage; we saw what she calls "intermezzos," collages made with materials from antique books. On her website, Maureen writes, "Working in collage binds me to an early love: textiles. I love old papers...anything with the mark of a hand. These are things resonant with memory. How we remember the past determines how we inhabit the present. Forgetting is not an option."

Maureen's recent book collages are on view at the First Things gallery through January 10th, 2015.

First Things
35 East 21st Street, 6th Fl
New York, NY 10010

Gallery Hours: M - F, 10am - 5pm