Julian Lorber

I visited with Julian Lorber at his studio last week. He showed me his recent work with archival tape, mylar, and soot. As you can see from the photos below, he layers his materials in a "non-hierarchical" way, which gives his paintings a unique texture without creating "unintentional horizontal or vertical patterns." He works with the texture by spraying paint over the surface using an airbrush. His grittier works mimic the buildup of dust and soot on buildings and other facades in polluted urban environments, while some of the brighter, more colorful pieces look like they are lit from strange angles using beautiful colored lights. 

Julian will be featured in the Bushwick Expo, Exchange Rates, opening on October 23 from 6-8 pm. Julian will be in a show called Altered Terrain, co-curated by my gallery OUTLET and a couple of other galleries. The show will be at The Active Space in Bushwick from October 23 - 26th. As written in the press release for the event, Julian's "fantastic color range and adept deployment of technique allow him to create paintings that both amaze and invite contemplation, compelling the viewer on both a formal and conceptual level." I hope you will be able to see his work!