When I was fifteen I had the rare opportunity to visit the studio of an established Austrian painter. This was a definitive, captivating experience that shaped my ever growing passion for art and the artists who create it. From early on, I was inspired to pursue a career in art. My experiences growing up as an American in Vienna, Austria and traveling regularly ignited my desire to engage with and embrace many cultures. Each new encounter with artists and collectors facilitates a dialogue.

During my high school and college years, I learned about art collecting and its powerful influence on defining visual culture. As a graduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, I assisted in organizing and curating exhibitions within the context of private art collections. In recent years, I have had the privilege to advise both private and corporate collections in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Vienna and Zurich, in various capacities.

Being based in New York since 1994, it has been an incredible opportunity to educate and immerse myself in the art world. My background in studio art uniquely prepared me to communicate with contemporary artists across many cultures and act as a facilitator between artists, galleries and collectors. My vision is to contribute to a global art conversation and operate as conduit for more exchange between the United States, Asia and Europe. DOWNLOAD CV

Portrait: Ash Thayer



Private Art Collections

My goal is to assist you in building a museum-level fine art collection and create opportunities to exhibit your art collection. As an advisor I will come alongside you to establish a significant collection that is culturally astute and well researched. My experience in working with collectors, galleries, and artists will enable you to access the contemporary art world: 

  • Develop an Art Collection strategy that expresses your unique passions

  • Research relevant artists and exhibitions

  • Provide access to artist studios and galleries

  • Facilitate mutually beneficial relationships with art institutions


Organizing Exhibitions

Over the last ten years, I have organized and curated forty-five plus contemporary art exhibitions and performances. I am committed to presenting your art collection in a professional context and promoting your vision for the collection. This can include many aspects surrounding a successful exhibition:

  • Curate and develop exhibition concepts

  • Introduce relevant artists to the collection

  • Facilitate the logistics of the exhibition

  • Produce promotional content, including press, videos, catalogs, and social media


Corporate Collections

Art presented in corporate settings or for real estate developments sets the tone for the image of a business. There is no second first impression! I am passionate about design and beautiful spaces, and will help you to cost-effectively source good artwork that is aesthetically pleasing and will incurs value over time:

  • Choose budget and space conscious art work

  • Commission art work as needed

  • Source art that is relevant to the values of the corporation

  • Serve as an advisor to the architects