David Colosi

Alta Buden and I visited David Colosi's studio recently. David is a unique artist that works as a writer, researcher, drawer, musician and performance artist. He just finished a residency at Pioneer Works, where he worked on a project that began at "Le centre du monde" residency in Belle-Ile-en-mer in 2010 and later exhibited at Frac Bretagne in France in 2014. David is exploring the history of Poly, a man who worked at the site of Le centre du monde residency while Claude Monet and numerous other painters stayed there in the 1800s. Poly is featured in numerous paintings from that time period by various artists who painted on the island. Below you can see examples of some of David's work on the subject, and you can read a short blurb about his PW residency here.

For more information on David's fascinating, multifaceted practice visit his site www.davidcolosi.com as well as his site about 3D Literature, www.3DLit.org.