Ryan Ford

I recently went to visit Ryan Ford's studio. Ryan is an artist who was featured in the show I curated in Vienna at the Essl Museum, New. New York.  Many people become known for only one thing, but Ryan has always impressed me because he is equally talented in both painting and sculpture. 

Ryan's style strikes me as video-game-meets-Hieronymus-Bosch. Here you'll see he has started a couple of works that incorporate a slightly different style, as well, with glimpses of that figurative and surrealistic side.  In the details of the cheetah painting, you can really get a sense of his command of the paint.

Ryan Ford lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn by way of Asheville, NC and Waterbury, CT. He earned his BFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design. As Ryan writes on his website, his "original inspirations derive from 12th - 15th century Sienese paintings, Philip Guston, Francis Bacon, and pop culture video games."