Born in Palo Alto, California in 1980. Lives and works in Brooklyn.

I find that my process and my work is about taking things that aren't initially looked at as beautiful and re-purposing them, re-configuring them, to find the beauty in it. There's something I find really interesting about using materials that are a part of everybody's everyday life. In New York City all the flat roofs are done with this torched down tar paper and silver paint. When you go over those roofs on the train, you see they're all silver.

Everybody has access to roofing materials and because they have access to it, they're nothing. But then you take it and put it up on the wall and it's like, 'Don't Touch This.' Now it's really something of value. You're changing the way people look at things.
-GQ Magazine

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Hugo is self-taught with a background in design.


-Group show, The Arts Club, London, UK, 2015
-Palindrome, Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, 2015
-Put in Place, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld Gallery, New York, 2014
-Muted Noise, Luce Gallery, Turin, Italy, 2014
-The Open, Papillion, Los Angeles, 2014


Painting, multimedia