Born in Gröhl, Austria in 1963. Lives and works in Bowling Green, OH.

The formal and structural approach to various media I employ, such as installation, drawings, CD-ROM, Internet and sound, engages in binary logic, because I assemble the material according to a narrow set of self-imposed rules which often incorporate complex algorithms, controlled randomness and other methods inspired by computer code.

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Erwin moved to New York from Europe on a Fullbright Scholarship in 1993 in order to get his MFA at the School of Visual Arts. 


-Upcoming solo show at Arthur Rogers Gallery in New Orleans, 2015
-Bitforms Gallery, New York, 2014
-Wood Street Galleries, Pittburgh, PA, 2014
-International Triennial of Media Art, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, 2014
-Alles Paper! (All Paper!), Haeusler Contemporary, Munich, Germany, 2014


Multimedia, video, installation