Born 1974 in Camden, NJ. Lives and works in Los Angeles .

In my work, I am interested in practice and belief associated with the Christian faith.  In my sculptural installations, films and performances, my work playfully undermines, so as to slow down, the process of temporal things (sound, energy, physical presence, etc.) becoming sacred, as does happen within religious ritual.  I draw an analogy between the processes of sublimation—when a substance transitions from a solid to a gas at such an accelerated rate that it skips the intermediate liquid phase—and sacralization—when a thing becomes sacred.

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Brent earned his MFA in painting from Yale University and his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Art and Design at Azusa Pacific University in California.


-Still. Life., OUTLET Fine Art, Brooklyn, 2014
-There Is Power in the Blood: An Indoor Earthwork, Azusa Pacific University Galleries, Azusa, CA, 2014
-Wayne Adams is Speaking in Tongues, Gordon College, Wenham, MA, 2014
-15 Artists in Black and White, Outlet Fine Art, Brooklyn, 2013
-New. New York, Essl Museum, Vienna, 2012
-Emerging Artists Fellowship Exhibition, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York, 2012
-Coming and Going: Work of the Collection of Peter Kang, NYCAMS gallery, New York, 2011


Multimedia, installation, sculpture, sound, painting