The first stop in Europe was Berlin. The city’s gallery landscape is ever changing which makes it both exciting and frustrating to navigate. During this visit I focused on some of the museums and collections that I follow. In particular I enjoyed the Jonathan Monk show, “Exhibit Model Four—plus invited guests,” curated by Andreas Fiedler at the Kindl Centre for Contemporary Art:


Hamburger Bahnhof

Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin

Kindl Center For Contemporary Art


There was some time for studio visits with Christian Perdix and Emmanuel Bornstein. I was able to preview Bornstein’s upcoming exhibition of several large paintings in Curitiba, Brazil.


The last evening I had the transforming experience of visit the James Turrel Chapel in the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof. The light sculpture envelopes the church and the project is introduced by a 30 minute lecture by a young docent. The following 30 minutes of the work are meant to be experienced in silence. It is a truly spiritual and transformative experience.