Travel: Liechtenstein

Upon the invitation of my artist friends of many years (who's counting!?) Martin Walch and Barbara Geyer, I had the opportunity to spend a few incredible days in beautiful Liechtenstein prior to Art Basel. One of the evenings we attended an opening at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein by the late German artist Thomas Lehnerer. It was an especially interesting exhibition given his unique aesthetic, that incorporates archeology, anthropology and religion with contemporary drawing and sculpture. It was a completely new discovery for me. I also toured the the HILTI Foundation, curated and directed by Dr. Uwe Wieczorek. Both buildings were designed by the architecture firm Morger + Dettli and really sets an incredible tone for viewing art. 

The second night I had the chance to speak about my work as a curator at the Kunstschule Liechtenstein, a progressive independent art school that provides art classes at high level for a variety of ages. It was nice to be immersed in a great community.