Travel: Traunreut, Bavaria

The drive through upper Austria and on to Munich, Germany, was a beautiful experience! Following a visit to the BMW World and Museum in Munich, I had the privilege of driving through the Bavarian countryside to visit the Das Maximum. Das Maximum was created by Heiner Friedrich a few years ago, here is a brief quote about him from the website (I should add quite understated given his many important projects): "Friedrich, known internationally as an intermediary between artists and museums and as a co-founder of such important foundations as the Dia Art Foundation, now also enables the repeated and intensive encounter with contemporary art in Traunreut." It was a great pleasure to be guided through the collection with curators Dr. Birgit Löffler and Ksenija Protic. The foundations features key works by Walter De Maria, Dan Flavin, Andy Warhol, Imi Knoebel, just to name a few. It is truly a wonderful and engaging collection to visit and there are numerous other art options in the region as well: Herrenchiemsee Schloss and the Polling Dreamhouse.

This year Heiner Friedrich celebrated his eightieth birthday at Das Maximum. A book featuring a series of interviews with Corinna Thierolf "Ich will nichts über mich sagen. Es geht um die Kunst" (Shirmer/Mosel) was published around that time as well. A beautiful portrait of one of the key collectors of the second half of the twentieth century