Ho Chi Minh City

I just love the energy and flow of the scooter traffic every time I arrive in Ho Chi Minh City! The city feels alive with creativity and the new programs that are popping up are truly exciting. I had the opportunity on this trip to visit the newest and very impressive addition of the A Farm Residency in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. I gave a brief presentation of my work as an art advisor and curator and got to take a look at the beautiful and large studio spaces. The property includes a living space for each resident and a gorgeous communal kitchen. There are six spots available each quarter.

The studio visits I went on were truly inspiring and felt like I want to keep researching particularly the new young talent, as well as travel up to Hanoi on my next trip. What impressed me the most is way that successful, established artist Dinh Q Le and a group of collectors are mentoring and providing incredible opportunities for emerging artists in the region.

Pham Tanh Toan

Xeen Pham

Do Ha Hoai

Dinh Q Le

Nguyễn Văn Đủ

Wu Tsi Chung

Mot +++

A Farm Art Residency