Travel: Berlin

It is great to see how the Berlin art scene has continued to expand and change at an amazingly fast pace over the last two years. This recent trip confirmed that Berlin is definitely one of the most vital cultural axis of Europe, attracting great talent from all over the world, particularly in the visual arts. The Berlin art scene is unique because it attracts a wide range of artists, from emerging to more established artists. 
There are many new galleries that have popped up in various parts of Berlin, as well as many existing ones which have moved to new locations, often to take over large, cavernous spaces like the Blane/Southern gallery. In addition to the large private collections that are generously open to the public, the Boros, Hoffman and Haubrok collections, there are two new spaces that I find really dynamic and engaging, and are similarly funded by private collectors: The Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin, which focuses on time based art and the Kindl Center for Contemporary Art, a Kunsthalle that will feature engaging one person and group exhibitions focused on contemporary topics.