Studio Visits

Studio Visit: Jason Bailer Losh

I enjoyed my studio visit with sculptor, painter and successful podcaster (Seeing is Forgetting), Jason Bailer Losh. By using found objects, Losh constructs spindly and tactilely satisfying sculptures and paintings that register as both uniquely charming, and curiously familiar. Here are some notes from his recent Plow Louise exhibition: 

The objects upon each pedestal are found in thrift and second-hand stores. The motley collection is bought by the artist’s father-in-law and boxed and sent to Losh. He uses these items and constructs them into particular compositions, sequences and arrangements.
The surface of each component is carved with a distinct history. Cracks, dents and paint abrasions that have accrued over decades distinguish their weathered surfaces. The wall sculptures are laced with ropes and etched with lines that record the artist’s hand.