Tamara Zahaykevich

It was such a pleasure to view Tamara Zahaykevich's latest work at Kansas Gallery in Soho. I have been following Tamara's work for over 15 years and love the way that she has evolved her practice slowly, methodically over the last few years. In her recent exhibition, on view through June 20th, she has shifted the scale of her work to larger pieces, as well as created more complex surfaces. The new work is simultaneously beautiful and ominous.

Tamara creates her work using discarded pieces of material she finds in her studio or on the street. She does not necessarily use materials immediately after finding them; she says she likes to "have an understanding of their value" before she does anything with them. This method is evident in her work. Each piece seems thoughtfully planned out and executed. She manages to beautify and give new life to things that might otherwise be considered trash. I encourage everyone to get to Kansas Gallery to see this wonderful show before it closes.

Also check out this "video portrait" of Tamara, made by the Essl Museum in Vienna.