Between a Place and Candy

I am featured in a show at the UBS gallery at 1285 Avenue of the Americas that is up through June 12th. The show opened last month and is called Between a Place and Candy: New Works in Pattern + Repetition + Motif. The show is curated by my partner at OUTLET Jason Andrew. Read more about the show at the Norte Maar site and check out the text about me below. Also, see my press page for an article from The New Criterion about the show!

John Silvis uses car imagery as existential metaphor. Referencing Andy Warhol’s crash photo silk-screens and John Chamberlain’s large twisted car sculptures, Silvis’s interest in the car as a cultural and historical signifier sits between avant-garde and postmodern modalities, juxtaposing the enduring promise of the machine and its ultimate failure as redeemer. Through installations, sculptures, and photo collages incorporating spray paint, photography, felt and tape, Silvis seemingly sights societies continuing saga with car culture and its ongoing romance with escapism.