Andy Cross

I really enjoyed my visit to Andy Cross’s studio. Cross describes himself: ”I am a New Age, Post-digital, History painter. My ideas originate out of a deep love for Art History.” His work in silvers and Indian yellows draw inspiration from cultural references in European, Mesopotamian, Japanese, and British Colonial artistic traditions in a way that is simultaneously entirely his own, and coolly pastiche. His stream of consciousness paintings are drawn from google searches, iPhone camera images, and images manipulated in photoshop. Cross’s use of this binary color palette creates a harmonious environment for the viewer to focus on the depicted subjects in the work. He conveys a sense of timelessness in his paintings by using techniques of illustration, color-field painting and stream-of-consciousness language. The formal and psychological styles combined enable a sense of authority for the artist. Cross’s work functions as a picture-window into a greater reality that exists below the surface of our materialistic world.