Alta Buden

Alta Buden embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that is required of young artists today. In addition to having a successful studio practice, she is a co-owner of Regina Rex/Harbor gallery, which recently moved from Bushwick to the Lower East Side. Alta is a talented artist working primarily with paper cutouts and will be starting in the prestigious Hunter College MFA program this Spring.

Alta's work is really powerful in person because of her attention to detail and because of her framing techniques. She layers her cutouts over contrasting textured or colored papers, allowing a gap so that shadows can fall on the backing paper. Some smaller pieces are mounted directly on the wall in interesting ways. There is a wonderful sculptural quality to the work that surprises the viewer because of the fragility of the paper. There are multiple conceptual ideas in Alta's work, ranging from abstraction to issues of social status and visual illusion. In some ways her references and use of visual illusion as a language in the work seem to be a commentary on the way that our contemporary culture is obsessed with status and presentation.