Robert Debbane

I met Robert Debbane in 2008 while he was finishing up the Hunter College MFA program. Shortly thereafter I purchased one of his "videograms," photographs on analog color paper exposed using a projected video image. It is a stunning and thoughtful work. 

Rob is interested in the systems and structure of life beneath the surface, the most fundamental building blocks of what make up the universe. He has explored this through photography, video, painting, drawing, installation and more recently 3D printed light objects. 

It is fascinating to see his ideas translated from process-oriented, geometric paintings and drawings into light forms. These lights use cutting edge 3D printing technology and are informed by patterns found in Islamic tiles, ancient geometric designs, and contemporary organic shapes.

Rob has been developing his 3D printed lights since 2012, and they are made to order; check out his website for more information and examples. Most recently, Robert's designs were featured in the Made In Brooklyn holiday market, and one of his lamps was highlighted in a New York Times article.