Lia Chavez Interview by The Space

My good friend Lia Chavez was recently interviewed by The Space about her performance work combining durational meditational with digital technology. Her piece Tumult was presented at Light Fantastic by House of the Nobleman in London from October 13-18. Here's an excerpt from the fascinating interview:

"[Lia] explained that, really, the integration of durational meditation into her work was an inevitability. 'As a child I was drawn to darkness meditation, not really understanding what that was – undertaking a ritual of going into the dark, spending long durations of time in the dark, and waiting for apparitions to appear.' 

"The decision to incorporate technology came as a natural progression from her enthusiasm for digital art, and the almost limitless palette now available to artists, because 'it really can refer to just about anything that extends through the reach of the body and the body's perception.'"

From Lia's website: "Lia Chavez is a New York-based artist working in a wide range of media, including performance, photographic processes, painting, sculpture, installation, and scientific, technological, and theoretical innovations. Her art draws upon her fascination with the laws of the physical universe and investigates the astonishing mysteries of light, form, and interior space." 

Lia has shown and performed her work across the United States and internationally at both galleries and expos. She studied at Oxford and at Goldsmiths College in London, and her photography monograph Lia Chavez: A Thousand Rainbows was recently released by Damiani.