Ryan Frank

This weekend I saw Balance Beam, a show of Ryan Frank's artwork, which is currently on view at the Mattatuck Museum. The show consists of photographs within wooden light-boxes, some of which require some creative contortions to view them. For instance, you have to crouch down or crane your neck in strange ways in order to view some of them properly. 

From Ryan's website: "My sculptures are not solely inanimate objects to be looked at but also exist as a catalyst for the physical movement and interaction of my viewers. Reflections and distorted views of the gallery space and the outside world are presented in a unique sequence that requires visitors to contort their bodies in unorthodox ways. The series of images in each box portrays a specific time and place and the effort required to view them is similar to that which I endured to take them.”

I have been to many of Ryan's shows, and I think this may be his best to date. Below are some photographs of the installation. In my previous post there are pictures of 47 Square Dances, a performance on which Ryan collaborated with the choreographer Laurie Berg. The piece was performed in conjunction with Balance Beam at the Mattatuck.

Ryan Frank, who earned his degree in theater and fine art from NYU in 2004, is based in Brooklyn, NY and Sharon, CT. He is a curator at The Granary in Sharon, as well as a performer and artist.