Beneath the Skin

This weekend we opened a new show called Beneath the Skin at OUTLET gallery. An installation by Cristin RichardCapsule, is accompanied by music composed by Nate Czarling and work by Matthew Caron and Joseph Moore. Cristin's installation is made up of her work reconstructing animal intestines into tangible objects. Below you can see images of 62-year-old model Jacky O'Shaughnessy (the newest face of American Apparel) wearing and performing with pieces that look like real dresses in real garment bags. Cristin's work resonates on a few different levels. She references aboriginal methods of using every part of a slaughtered animal (for instance, the kapitaq is an Inuit animal intestine garment), therefore bringing into focus modern human methods of production and the types of materials we use. Cristin's work also resonates on a more emotional level. She says, "I came upon the concept for this show through my own fear of aging. Obsessed with my own skin. Worried that I will fade, and become unnoticed. The work is helping me push through this." Beyond her personal feelings, the garments she has created project the feelings of any woman in our society, struggling within her own skin and expected to try to preserve her appearance.

Accompanying Cristin's work is Joseph Moore's series Meaning in Mistakes. The series is made up of mirrors that are etched with not-quite-words; each "word" is one transposition away from being at least two different real words. The viewer automatically assumes the letters form one of these words, and when they realize that it does not, they are forced to analyze their initial impulses and study the "word" a bit more closely. In this way, the viewer realizes how quickly and easily the brain jumps to conclusions.

In collaboration with Cristin, Matthew Caron created a video to accompany her work. The piece is a video projection of rotating, symmetrical cellular structures. The video comments on life as a fragile balancing act that includes both physical components like air and food, and social components such as the people surrounding us.

Finally, the music of Nate Czarling, who has been collaborating with Cristin for the past four years, is the heartbeat of Beneath the Skin. His aggressive soundscapes are formed by manipulating samples from old tapes and drum machines, making rhythms that are simultaneously aggravating and captivating.