Meg Lipke

Welcome to the studio of Meg Lipke. I was very inspired by her work, and particularly loved the direction she is going with her textile pieces. The works on fabric are done on wool that she stretches herself. The blank or white parts of each piece are created using a batik method, with beeswax as a "resist." Meg paints on the fabric or paper with melted beeswax, then paints over that with fabric paint. She uses fabric paint on both the wool and the paper, because she likes how thin it is. When she is finished painting, she can iron off the beeswax to leave a paint-free area, or she leaves the wax on as a part of the painting. The final result is dynamic with its contrasting lines and textures. In some recent works, she has been using a cotton linen to create oddly shaped, pillow-like objects that are adorned with gritty, urbane scenarios.

From Tuuum: "Megan Lipke was born in 1969 in Portland, Oregon and was raised in Burlington, Vermont and Cheshire, England. She received her MFA from Cornell University and has taught at The University of Northern Iowa, Cornell University and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has been reviewed in Art in America, The Village Voice, The New York Times and many online publications."