Andrew Szobody

Andrew is one of the youngest artists to show at OUTLET Gallery. His work is conceptual drawing and sculpture. He addresses issues of authenticity in his work. Here an excerpt from his artist statement:

"My work often deals with the repeated or reproduced moment or object. The homely, decorative wood bases used in some of the sculptures serves to designate a specific space — a space both innocent and critical, a little funny and very serious. With the drawings, the field of repeated lines serves a similar purpose. I am drawn to ideas about time; sameness and change. I am captivated by the specificity of moments and objects, especially within the generality of time and ideas. I like the possibility which limitation brings and I like repetition because I think when you repeat something you begin to realize its value — if you are doing it right. My work often emphasizes the dimensional and literal nature of the materials in question, but also plays with the possibilities for meaning. The symbols I choose to work with are often simple and suggestive."