Isa Genzken at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

I met Isa Genzken in SoHo in 1994. Since she was close friends with the curator I was interning with, she would stop by the office and gallery on a regular basis. Isa was always intense and very direct with her comments about life, art and people. Around 2000, I started seeing her work appear in large international group shows and become intrigued by growing complexity of her experimentation within sculpture. Isa's impressive exhibition at the 52. Venice Biennial in 2007 indicated that she had emerged a language of her own, which was simultaneously familiar and yet completely new!

Since I was a teenager, my practice has involved various forms of collage/assemblage and therefore her freely associative assemblages resonated with my aesthetic. The work I have seen since then has continued to fascinate me. It was a privilege to attend and discuss the MoMa show with Kelly Crow today! Kelly's astute knowledge of art always prods me to think about the art in a new way. We both agreed that the show was too dense and didn't really let the power of each object speak; individually they are quite powerful. I felt that the two-dimensional work on the wall also distracted from the beauty of the objects. Having just seen the Magritte exhibit next door, as well as practically being chased out for trying to sneak some pics of his work, we had a little fun with Isa's thought provoking sculptures!