Ned Shalanski Studio Visit

I had the privilege of visiting Ned's studio in the Gowanus neighborhood. I would describe Ned's process as well thought out and considered, however the work often comes together in a last moment of genius. His common materials and haphazard juxtapositions of objects seem to result from a spontaneous process, however they have previously gone through many stages of refinement and are carefully structured. His recent work is very excited and pushes the ideas he has been working on this last year. Please come see his most recent work that will be on view in the next OUTLET show "3 Artists / 3 Weeks + 15 Artists in Black and White" which opens on Friday, December 13 and will be on view until December 29, 2013.




Since 2010, Ned Shalanski has explored psychology and visceral emotion through abstract compositions of a diverse materials palette.  His earliest work took the form of mark-making and mixed media works on paper.  In 2011, he began executing site-specific performances, targeting similar issues through the body’s presence in and engagement with its immediate, physical surroundings.  That summer, Shalanski completed an art residency in Beijing, during which he worked on a video, Caochangdi Message, which explores individual perception with regards to culture and localized space.  In Spring 2013, he completed the post-baccalaureate program at the New York Center for Art and Media Studies.  While there, Shalanski used insulation foam, spray paint, and domestic organizational elements and imagery to create medium-to-large scale three-dimensional compositions.  These tightly-composed, unassuming tableaus draw from a balance of order and disruption, predictability and unpredictability, and furthered the artist’s continued interest in visual representation, excess, and sterilization. Shalanski holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University.  He currently works as a landscape designer for the New York City Parks Department, and resides in Brooklyn.