Born in 1979 in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. Lives and works in Brooklyn.

...psychological travel, what happens unseen between two points and how that transforms the environment that the work exists in...a platform for the theatrical...environment becomes a stage and the work at times becomes a prop that is a clue for narrative... 'stilled lives' act as a body where inside is a nomadic wanderer, improvising a performance...at times these instances collide and collapse in to one another...invisibility and endless time...

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April earned her BFA from the University of Tennessee and her MFA from the University of South Florida.


-Death Extends Your Vacation, Hood Gallery, Brooklyn, 2014
-Static Cling, Penelope, Queens, NY, 2014
-Stilled Life, The Institute Library, New Haven, CT, 2014
-Burn Out, Daylight Savings Gallery, Small Editions, New York, 2014
-The Future Belongs to Ghosts, White Projects, Paris, 2014
-Winter Collection, Kimberly Klark, Ridgewood, NY, 2014
-Burnout, Daylight Savings at Small Editions, Brooklyn, 2014
-Economy Candy, (harbor), Brooklyn, 2014
-SQUIRTS, Regina Rex, Brooklyn, 2013
-There, There, Everything Has Just Been A Lot, Threewalls, Chicago, 2012


Multimedia, sculpture, installation, drawing